Some companies only live for profits. Not us…

We exist to Ignite Transformation in the practices and lives of chiropractors who are Passionate about Maximizing their Success, and through them the lives of the patients they serve.

We offer chiropractors Strategic Sales & Marketing Services designed to…

  • Build Your REPUTATION

    We’ll help you become known as THE Leading Chiropractic & Wellness Expert in your community – so more of your prospects will choose YOU over the competition.

  • Extend Your REACH

    Our Marketing and Advertising programs will get your name in front of more of the qualified prospects who are looking for you right now – for a lot less than you might think.

  • Improve Your RESELLs

    Using Sales & Education resources that really work, you’ll convert more “just fix my pain” patients into “total wellness” advocates who want more of your services.

  • Increase Your REFERRALs

    There’s nothing more powerful for building a business than a steady stream of referrals – and our “auto-pilot” referral systems will make them happen a whole lot more often!

Here are some of the Value-Packed Services we offer…

    • Reputation-Building…On Autopilot

      In today’s market your Online Reputation can make or break your practice. In fact, a “1 star” difference on Yelp or Google can have a 10% impact on your bottom line. Attracting glowing customer reviews typically requires a great deal of time, money and energy – but with our reputation management solution dominating the review sites is as simple as adding your customer’s email address into our secure automated software. You won’t believe what our system can do…or how little it costs!

    • Websites & Mobile Sites That Convert

      Your website and mobile site are the gateways almost every prospect goes through before deciding whether to work with you – so what they see there can have a BIG impact on your success. We specialize in “Conversion Optimized” websites that consistently turn more of your visitors into patients – despite being one of the most affordable solutions you will find anywhere. It’s like hiring a top notch sales duo who increase your revenue, charge you less, and never sleep!

    • Social Media – Made Effective & Easy

      Most chiropractors already know that social media now plays and important role in attracting, converting and keeping new patients. The big challenge they usually face is figuring out where to get quality content for their posts, and how to create a consistent social media presence on multiple channels for the smallest investment of resources possible. We have the solution…and you won’t believe all that we do to save you time, money and stress!

    • Credibility-Building Sales Tools

      One of the key concepts we share with our clients is the importance of “Superior Positioning” – the establishment in the minds of your prospects of YOU as the undisputed Chiropractic & Wellness Expert in your market, and your practice as the Best Possible Choice among all competitors. Some of the ways we do this are with eBooks, Automated Emails, Videos, and other “content marketing” resources that educate and sell at the same time. They’re Effective, Affordable, and Done For You!

    • Online Display Advertising

      Right now Google is making Online Display Advertising one of their top priorities as a company, and if Google is doing it you probably should too! The reason? Because there may be no better way to get your brand in front of tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of potential patients for as little as a penny per exposure. We’ll help you get seen on major national websites like and – but only by your LOCAL prospects – at a price point you can afford!

    • Retention & Referral Programs

      There are two Timeless Principles that are still very true today: 1) It’s a lot easier to get an existing patient to come back than a new patient to come through your door; and 2) Getting referrals of family and friends from thrilled customers is still one of the most powerful marketing strategies on the planet. Using our expertly crafted Newsletter & Referral System, we’ll help you keep your patients coming back, AND motivated to tell everyone they know about you as well.

Best of all, each of our solutions is designed to Save You Money and Free Up Your Time while you continue to focus your attention on doing the things you do best!

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  • You CAN have the tremendously Successful practice you want – with the Financial And Time Freedom you’ve always dreamed of – and we can help you get there.

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